George B. Haarman, Psy.D.,LMFT Licensed Clinical Psychologist Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Licensed Clinical Psychologist Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
   George B. Haarman, Psy.D.,LMFT Licensed Clinical PsychologistLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist      Licensed Clinical PsychologistLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist

PsychoEducational Evaluations

For many children and young adults, the ability to perform well in an employment or academic setting is impacted by a number of internal and external factors.  Often, the first step toward addressing academic performance issues is ruling out Learning Disabilities, behavioral issues or emotional disorders that may or not be present.  A psychoeducational evaluation is a comprehensive battery of tests that assess intellectual ability, academic achievement in reading, mathematics and written expression,  screening for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and screening for behavioral and/or emotional disorders.  Specific tests that can be a part of a comprehensive battery are outlined at psychoeducational evaluations.

Psychological Evaluations of Children

A comprehensive battery of testing is available for children ages six through fourteen who may be experiencing significant psychological disorders or emotional difficulties.  A full battery of testing may be the first step for developing a comprehensive treatment plan or an additional step for the child who has not responded to traditional treatment approaches.  Specific test that can be a part of a comprehensive battery are outlined at psychological evaluations for children.

Psychological Evaluations for Adolescents

Adolescence can be a very troublesome and confusing time for both the child and parents.  In many situations there is great concern about whether what is going on in an adolescent's life is just "normal teenage stuff" or an indicator of more significant psychological and emotional difficulties.  Psychological evaluation can be a great method of "placing" what is going on on a developmental scale.  Testing can provide insight as to the seriousness of the situation and assist parents and therapist in developing a plan of action for the youth.  Specific options for testing and information about the tests used for adolescents is available at psychological evaluations for adolescents.

Psychological Evaluations for Adults

Psychological evaluation for adults can take many forms and serve many purposes depending on the nature of the difficulty.  Adults may experience periods in their life when their emotional equilibrium has been thrown off.  Testing can serve the function of allowing them to zero in on the areas that change needs to occur in order to restore balance.  Psychological testng can assist in the process of self-discovery, uncover undiagnosed disorders such as ADHD or Learning Disabilities, identify factors in employment decisions, or refocus treatment efforts.  Psychological evaluations for adults can be individually tailored to meet the specific testing need.

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